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A simple, light and easy-to-assemble shelving unit.

Its compositional flexibility makes Trentatré shelving easy to adapt to personal requirements in several different possible combinations. The system is made up of square plywood surfaces, finished with two layers of solid wood and metal bars. The same elements can be used to make a tower that is up to three modules tall. The reinforcing bars also help arrange and support the books and objects placed inside.

A modular bookcase made up of a ‘sandwich’ of two 10-mm layers of solid black walnut and a 12-mm layer of birch plywood between them. Both sides have 40 holes for housing the steel bars, which are coated in metallic paint and serve to support and connect the sequence of shelves.


L 106 cm
H 85 cm
P 24 cm


designer: Salvatore Martorana


2 January 2019