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The Tratto system was inspired by the concept of self-proportionality. Its streamlined yet classic shape is an obvious reference to 1960s Italian design and architecture.

The height of the frame can be adjusted to include and frame a number of different accessories including mirrors, coat hooks, shelves and small containers. The result is an ingenious ‘wall-system’ that can meet a number of different functional needs in a flexible way.

Its key feature is its ability to take on different shapes by making the most of the adjustable frame, made up of two sections that slide over each other. Other shapes can be created by adding extra components. The frames are in solid black walnut or dark wengè wood.

Accessories are made of steel painted in a metallic finish.


L36x H149>191 x P18>25


designer: Marcello Panza


11 March 2019


Hangers and mirrors