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Scansìa is a piece of furniture that has been designed to carry out its main purpose: to contain, display and treasure books. It is a symbiotic item whose look is completed when objects and books are placed in it.

The steel shelves are almost invisible, set back and paper-thin. Thus books look lighter and stand out, as do the actions we carry out around them. A rhythmic, syncopated series of vertical elements houses and protects its precious contents. Sturdy walnut partitions emphasize the object’s vertical momentum. The bookcase was designed with the Design for Disassembly rationale in mind, which plans for simple deconstruction, in keeping with the company’s ‘green’ philosophy. It is a quality, ethically responsible product.

A wall bookcase available in two different heights, built in black walnut with stainless steel shelves. Also available in painted steel with a metallic finish.

L 54 cm
H 200 cm
P 24 cm


designer: Studiomartino.5


11 March 2019


Featured products, Libraries and writing desktops