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Salvatore Martorana

Salvatore Martorana

Born in Caracas,  in 1969, since childhood he preferred pencils and colors to the ball. He likes to define himself as a designer of things and houses, because content and container, in the end, although in distant scales, follow the logic of the correct relations. He willingly soils his hands with his artisan friends, men he considers a necessary resource, men from whom he learned so much and who first of all gave him the opportunity, with the tools and with the know-how, to experiment and then achieve his own dream visions.
His design wants to be honest, ordinary and direct, it retains the original material in its primordial essence, it is light without being too serious.

Every final product at the end  is no longer his: it will be a part of those who have loved it  throughout life. For him this is certainly the best reward.



11 February 2021