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Look south, look to traditional Italian inlay work, particularly that of Sorrento.

Reinterpret it in a new way, giving it new meaning, thanks to the use of laser-cut sheet steel, to the way it contrasts with the warmth of wood. Look north too, to the architecture of the Viennese Secession, reiterating that ‘decoration’ is not merely an extra addition but rather an integral part of a design, creating fragments of varying shapes, like constellations glimmering in our homes.

These tables have a box structure in steel, painted in a range of metallic finishes that match the table top inserts. The latter are available in four different options and in a smooth version. The top consists of a sequence of black walnut slats that have been paired and pressed together. Pegaso is available in a smooth version and in four different decorated versions.






L 45 cm
H 40 cm
P 45 cm


designer: Marta Laudani


11 March 2019


Featured products, small table