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This desk design was inspired by the desire to create an object that could fit in any room, either in commercial or domestic surroundings.

It also exudes sophisticated aesthetic elegance, with a wealth of carefully designed details that however can stylistically ‘keep silent’, a simple structure that is both fine and sturdy and avoids any stylistic excess. A discreet, functional item designed to last beyond passing trends.

A home/office desk made using a symmetrical structure in solid black walnut. Each straight leg is connected using metallic painted steel bars. A curved ‘pocket’ feature in plywood is placed on top. The top table is the perfect worksurface for a PC or for writing by hand, while the space underneath is ideal for storing books and stationery.

L 104 cm
H 75 cm
P 50 cm

designer: Orlando


11 March 2019


Featured products, Libraries and writing desktops