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Our Intreccio table is a design challenge that aims to obtain the maximum strength using the minimum amount of wood. Visually, the structure looks slender but it gets its strength from the joints – a minimum number of concealed joints – of solid black walnut slats that form a light, intricate pattern, so that the main feature is not the table top but the supporting section below. In this design, the glass top is not simply placed on top; instead it adds strength and plays an active role in the entire system’s stability. Available in two sizes, each with its own particular structure.

The table is available with two different kinds of supporting structure, using six or four pairs of bracing slats, depending on whether it is the larger or narrower version. The table tops are available in tempered glass, marble or MDF painted with a metallic finish, in the various shapes on offer: square with curved sides, circular, square and rectangular.


15 December 2020


Catalog, Tables