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Layered transparency: a diamond-shaped wooden grille, perforated sheet metal, subtly contoured shelving and, finally, objects (those that each of us choose to place inside).

The doors act as a membrane in a continuous alternation of matter and space, a filter that lies between light and shade, between the ‘inside’ and ‘outside’, offering fragmentary glimpses. It is a symbolic invitation to be curious, to wish to reveal the secret of what lies inside. It is a tribute to Hybla, the ancient town dedicated to the goddess of the earth and of spring.

Supported by a fine metal grille, the cabinet is a prism of wood with two doors made from a laser-cut steel sheet fitted with solid black walnut or dark wenge wood slats. The cabinet is decorated on all sides, so it can even be placed in the middle of a room. The shelves are ‘lightened’ by a 45° cut at the front. The base is available in a number of different metallic finishes that match the doors.

L 80 cm
H 150 cm
P 41 cm


designer: Marta Laudani


11 March 2019


Container furniture, Featured products