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This design is the result of research into objects whose purpose isn’t immediately obvious at first glance and that toy with the concepts of deception and surprise. Their purpose is partly obscured and our perception of them changes depending on the angle from which we view them. In front, a large mirror hides what lies at the back: a small coat rack or stand. The item has slim, slender lines, with supported sections that render it both ‘grand’ and ‘light’.

Perfect for open spaces, bedrooms and living rooms. This piece of furniture is made in solid black walnut. The mirror frame is in stainless steel or painted steel with a metallic finish. The table is made from a slab of marble. These materials have no visible mechanical joints, thanks to the use of special pieces and dovetailing that highlight the company’s technical expertise.

L 42 cm
H 210 cm
P 46 cm


designer: Zetae studio


11 March 2019


Featured products, Hangers and mirrors