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gessato indoor

gessato indoor


The name of this design, gessato or ‘pinstripe’, indicates what inspired it: the world of textiles, fashion and elegance.  A number of different wooden slats are paired to create a single rectangular top ‘marked’ by parallel lines, thicknesses and hues that create an intricate chiaroscuro design on the surface. The material reveals its inner soul and becomes both a structure and a decoration.

The top is made of thin common walnut and black walnut slats, arranged alternately in a precise pattern that harks back to pinstriped fabric, using wood. The legs are two trestles, each made up of three vertical wooden poles joined to each other.

L 300 -270 / 240-210-190 cm
H 74 / 74 cm
P 100 / 90 cm


designer: Daniele Della Porta


11 March 2019


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