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Cuma is a ‘radical’ cupboard that combines the reliability of a state-of-the-art production process with the unique charm of a sculpture. It features a plywood heart clad in Tanganyica walnut on the top and common walnut on the sides and front, with sharp-cut boards and a rough finish that leaves all their natural, unique character intact: not one cupboard will be the same as the other.

The bright colour inside lightens up the cupboard’s general air of solemnity, reinterpreting the value of this cabinet with a flowing, expressive aesthetic touch.

Cuma is available in one size and in an infinite range of hues and natural cuts in common walnut, differences created by the intrinsic characteristics of the timber boards used. This model is ideal for lounges and for multi-purpose rooms, and always attracts attention. The top has a wax-effect varnished walnut finish while the inside is lacquered in yellow.


L 230 cm
H 68 cm
P 47 cm


designer:Marc Sadler


11 March 2019


Container furniture, Featured products, Home Slider EN