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Mirrors that allow you to re-discover yourself, to concentrate on yourself and link the visible present with the visible you imagine. Attraverso’s frame encompasses the idea of depth, inviting the viewer to go beyond, to reflect; it reflects, confronting us with our image in its own world, beyond the mirror of appearances, because we can only find ourselves if we lose ourselves first.

Two rectangular frames hold mirrors that are shaped to fall short of the corners, allowing us to glimpse the wall behind them, offering us the chance to create a layered decor.

Wall mirror with a shaped, load-bearing frame in solid black walnut or dark wengè wood. It comes with a steel bracket on the back, allowing it to be attached to a wall.

L 55 / 70 cm
H 80 / 200 cm
P 7 cm




11 March 2019


Featured products, Hangers and mirrors