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POETRY Bólgheri tables are accessories designed in a basic, pure form, lightened by alternating matter and space, made more precious with the use of valuable materials such as black walnut and fine marble, perfectly joined together. The design is inspired by the light that, filtering through

tavolo tondo in legno


CHIAROSCURO The Tondo table trio is a tribute to Naples: Tondo di Capodimonte is a city square in the Stella district. Tables are usually associated with a flat, smooth surface, but in this case the top is harmoniously interrupted by concave inserts that, when viewed, seem

Gessato Outdoor

The outdoor version of this table features a surface that is specially designed for outdoor use, made with alternating teak and iroko wood slats.

gessato indoor

TAILORING The name of this design, gessato or ‘pinstripe’, indicates what inspired it: the world of textiles, fashion and elegance.  A number of different wooden slats are paired to create a single rectangular top ‘marked’ by parallel lines, thicknesses and hues that create an intricate chiaroscuro


CONTRAST Look south, look to traditional Italian inlay work, particularly that of Sorrento. Reinterpret it in a new way, giving it new meaning, thanks to the use of laser-cut sheet steel, to the way it contrasts with the warmth of wood. Look north too, to the architecture


SCULPTURAL ELEGANCE Our Quoto table highlights our expert craftsmanship when handling wood. The leg sections as well as the tops feature a wealth of detail that demonstrate the quality of the materials used, the precision of the design solutions and the care taken in producing the item.


TAILORING Eclectic and impressive, our Ricamo table is inspired by the rich marble and stucco decoration of the Neapolitan Baroque style, which is combined with the ancient Japanese art of Urushi lacquer. It is a blend of cultures, techniques and materials that has never been seen


INTERACTION Selva tables feature a supporting structure created by grouping different wooden contours. It is a language made up of concave and convex shapes, a forest where light penetrates creating shadows and reflections that toy with impressions of balance and depth, facets that change depending on


STABILITY Our Tonale table is a magnetic, strong, solid presence around which you can arrange an elegant and sophisticated domestic decor. It has been designed to make the most of the expressive features of different materials interpreted in an entirely new way that, when combined, work together


CLASSIC STYLE Abaco is a tribute to this company’s history, to its experience in producing wooden contours and frames and its relationship with the territory, its identity and its materials. Its solid wood edge, highlighted by the marble top, harks back to Classical architecture. Different table