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POETRY Bólgheri tables are accessories designed in a basic, pure form, lightened by alternating matter and space, made more precious with the use of valuable materials such as black walnut and fine marble, perfectly joined together. The design is inspired by the light that, filtering through

tavolo tondo in legno


CHIAROSCURO The Tondo table trio is a tribute to Naples: Tondo di Capodimonte is a city square in the Stella district. Tables are usually associated with a flat, smooth surface, but in this case the top is harmoniously interrupted by concave inserts that, when viewed, seem


SIMPLICITY A low stool inspired by the Orient, made in solid dark wenge wood or black walnut. It is a discreet yet useful item of furniture that completes any corner of the home and is both functional and elegant. Clean jointing, minimal features, soft, rounded parts and

Gessato Outdoor

The outdoor version of this table features a surface that is specially designed for outdoor use, made with alternating teak and iroko wood slats.

Dama outdoor

Dama’s outdoor range features solid teak frames. All cushions are covered in specially developed fabric (Sunbrella). Benches can be bought with or without a backrest. The Dama range is complete with a stool and coffee table, available in the same finish as the bench. Dama con schienale Grande:


VERSATILITY Large, colourful cabinets designed to arrange, display and ‘frame’ the objects inside, all at the same time. The open carcass, available in two sizes and supported by elegant slanting legs, features accessories in walnut or dark wenge wood. Shelves, hooks, poles, drawers and mirrors complete


ICONIC CLASS Compasso is a wall coat stand whose structure purposely harks back to an object that no longer has any purpose but nevertheless remains a metaphor for the act of design. An iconic, essential accessory that seems to be simply leaning against a wall. Whilst


SCULPTURE Cuma is a ‘radical’ cupboard that combines the reliability of a state-of-the-art production process with the unique charm of a sculpture. It features a plywood heart clad in Tanganyica walnut on the top and common walnut on the sides and front, with sharp-cut boards and

dama indoor

Concept di “seduta lunga" utilizzabile come panca, day bed, pouf, sofa leggero e informale. La struttura esalta l’esclusivo carattere della lavorazione del legno massello, che permette la creazione di incastri abilmente nascosti, inclinazioni pronunciate, profili che si intrecciano a formare una composizione coerente tra elementi


RHYTHM Dissonanza furniture features wooden doors that alternate with vertical glass panels. These cabinets are designed to store objects discreetly, in keeping with a traditional reserve that alternates with the desire to put only our best possessions on display. The carcass can be set on top