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VERSATILITY Large, colourful cabinets designed to arrange, display and ‘frame’ the objects inside, all at the same time. The open carcass, available in two sizes and supported by elegant slanting legs, features accessories in walnut or dark wenge wood. Shelves, hooks, poles, drawers and mirrors complete


SCULPTURE Cuma is a ‘radical’ cupboard that combines the reliability of a state-of-the-art production process with the unique charm of a sculpture. It features a plywood heart clad in Tanganyica walnut on the top and common walnut on the sides and front, with sharp-cut boards and


RHYTHM Dissonanza furniture features wooden doors that alternate with vertical glass panels. These cabinets are designed to store objects discreetly, in keeping with a traditional reserve that alternates with the desire to put only our best possessions on display. The carcass can be set on top

torri – WARDROBE

LINEARITY Our Torri cabinets are inspired by architecture. The design starts with a square base that rises vertically, just like a tower. The solid timber doors and sides are decorated with grooves that visually heighten the impression of vertical momentum, creating attractive chiaroscuro effects that purposely

torri – madia

Torri cabinets are available in  one-, two-, three-, four- and five-door versions. L 45 / 94 / 135 / 180 / 225 cm H 120 / 111 cm P 45 / 51 cm   designer: Daniele Della Porta