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Canvas finishes are also available for indoor use, with textures such as the Poule or softer textures as Cortex.
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Outdoor fabrics

Sunbrella is a very versatile furnishing fabric, designed for outdoor use, but also suitable for indoor use. Sunbrella fabrics have a stain-resistant formula that prevents the penetration of dirt, greases and liquids into the fibers of the fabric.
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For the upholstery it is also possible to choose the prestige of natural leathers in the Essential version and in the soft-touch finish of the "full flower" in the King version.
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Liquid metal finishes

Numerous finishes are available for wood composites and metals ,starting from black and gold, all very matt and resistant, obtained with enamels that enhance, with metallic colors, the contrast with natural wood.
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Le nobili velature del legno hanno bisogno di piani resistenti ed espressivi, per questo i mobili sono proposti a catalogo con il top di marmo caratterizzato da una finitura satinata e da un tocco vellutato.
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Wood is the primary material of the Collection, available in ultra matt finishes of eco-friendly enamels, with a particular natural haptic that enhances the attention to details in the processing of solid wood in different essences: from the prince of Italian wood, National walnut, to Canaletto walnut, Dark oak and Teak that is used outdoors. The company chooses among the best selections on the market and follows a protocol that reduces waste and gives priority to the purchase of timber from sustainably managed forests.
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Elastici di Rubinacci Napoli

Rubber Bands

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The containers have internal surfaces with glazes that leave a  slight evidence  of wooden flames and embellish the walls and shelves with a matt finish that accompanies the usual enamel colours. The bright colours of the Casson cabinet and the opaque corn yellow of the Cuma cupboard complete the offer.
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Stainless steel

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